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SCUBA Diving




Diving Plugins 2

Dive Sites Manager

Plugin to show the information about dive sites in a map. Add characteristics, photo, description

Diving Plugins 3

Diving Calculators

The WordPress Widget for all your Scuba calculations

Dive Sites Manager is the first and only diving plugin that allows you to easily create a list of dive sites on the back-end with standard information like the name, short description and picture.

Additionally you can define some extra information to be added to the dive site, such us, dive type(Drift, Wreck,…), depth, level,…

You can  create multiple locations and assign the dive sites accordingly.

All your dive sites can be displayed on maps that are configurable

Once the list is created, it can be displayed on the front-end using a shortcode.

Diving Plugins 4
Diving Plugins 5


Dive Sites

Maps with custom icons

Manage multipls locations

Define your own characteristics for the dive sites

Multiple layouts available

Chage the style to match your brand

Intuitive and easy to use


How does Dive Site Manager work?

Diving Plugins 6

We have prepare for you a tutorial video where you can find all the steps, from the installation to displaying the final result on your pages.

Diving Plugins 7

Add Scuba Diving calculators to your website with this widget. It includes the following calculators:

  • Maximum Operation Depth
  • Best Nitrox Mix
  • Equivalent Air Depth
  • Equivalent Narcotic Depth
  • Surface Air Consumption Rate
  • Altitude Diving
  • Lift Bag Volume
Diving Plugins 8
Diving Plugins 9


WordPress Compatible

Metric and Imperial Systems


It fits your theme Design

Intuitive and easy to use


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