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Be Unique

No more google maps or copies of copies of old designs. Your Diving business deserves a map that is eye catching and informative

Engage with your users

Improve the user retention of your page with this easy to use interactive diving map

Boost your Traffic

Grow your page views providing complete information about your dive sites adapt to your target audience

Are you proud of the dive sites where you bring your divers?

We design the diving map that shows it

Dive Site Maps Features

Custom Design

Get a brand new diving map that reflects the spirit of your dive business


Get dynamically the information about the dive sites by hovering or clicking on the map


Layouts adapt to every device and remains functional

How to Interact with the Maps?

example diving map

The interaction can be made in many ways. Two examples:

  •  Getting the names of the dive sites when hovering over them and linking the site information when clicking.
  • Show the dive site information in a tooltip directly when hovering over the dive site on the map.
square dive shop websitessquare dive shop websites

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How do we Work?

  • Location Outlining

    Based on a real map we outlined your area including the location of your dive shop and the dive sites

  • Your Design

    The identity of your shop is reflected on the map. Not only the colors, fonts, and logo of your business but the spirit of your business

  • Dive Sites Characteristics

    For every dive site, we collect the information that classified them. It could be the dive type, level needed to dive, depth,...

  • Dive Sites Descriptions

    Bring the divers to the dive site with a description that lets them think. I want to dive there!

  • Images for the dive sites

    Images complete the description of a dive site by showing a characteristic spot or marine life species often seen at the site

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