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  • Who is the audience of your website? What are your dive center’s target groups?  Content has to speak to the user, not to the search engines.
  • Making your content Useful, Useable, Desirable and Credible will turn the visitor, no matter if new, beginner or experienced divers, into a lead and a lead into a customer.

SEO and Analytics

  • Showing as number one dive center in google is a challenge that can’t be done overnight. Optimizing your website for search engines is a process that involves definition, redefinition, continuous analysis and adjustments.
  • Knowing what is happening with your site is essential. Who is visiting the site?  how do they get there? what are they interested in? Having the answer to these questions is easy with Google Analytics and reporting.

Social Media Marketing

  • Being active in social media platforms nowadays is not a problem but how these platforms can benefit the business is a different story.
  • What impact are your posts having on your audience? Social media can be the key to better customer service that improves customer retention and satisfaction.
  • How can we interconnect these platforms to increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings?
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